The Art of Tapestry Weaving by Rebecca Mezoff

The Art of Tapestry Weaving by Rebecca Mezoff

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Rebecca Mezoff, a renowned teacher of contemporary tapestry weaving, shares her techniques in this in-depth guide to every aspect of the process, from developing a color palette to selecting yarn, setting the loom up with warp yarn, and weaving the image. Crafters can choose from inexpensive tabletop and hand-held looms to larger floor looms. Detailed step-by-step photos and inspiring examples from a range of weaver-artists make this a one-stop resource for tapestry weaving.

Hardcover, 320 pages.

Published November 3, 2020.

Review Quotes:
"It is rare that a book comes along that covers a subject with such depth as this one does. You can tell the author knows her subject deep down, has spent years honing her skills, and is an enthusiastic and generous teacher. The Art of Tapestry Weaving will endure because it is thorough, covers any question a student of tapestry might have, provides in-depth information, and has clear illustrations. It inspires." -- Jane Patrick, creative director, Schacht Spindle Company

"The Art of Tapestry Weaving is equal parts passion and precision. The depth and detail Rebecca Mezoff brings to teaching the craft of tapestry weaving guarantees you will need no other book to learn the essential skills. The breadth and joy she brings to teaching the art of tapestry assures the growth of your ability, creativity and excitement at the loom for a long, long time." -- Jillian Moreno, fiber arts teacher, and author of Yarnitecture: A Knitter's Guide to Spinning: Building Exactly the Yarn You Want

"With knowledge, common sense, and an encouraging manner, Rebecca intelligently guides us through the process of tapestry weaving. The illustrations in this new "must-have" book will inspire and inform tapestry weavers of all levels. I was especially excited to see the beautiful and informative chapters on yarn choices and color theory -- two areas that, as a weaver, I am constantly considering." -- Susan Iverson,​ president​ of the American Tapestry Alliance​ and professor emerita, Virginia Commonwealth University

"Noted educator Rebecca Mezoff wants you to fall in love with tapestry weaving. She walks you through the process, explaining every nuance in precise, clear imagery and language, anticipating any pitfall along the way, so you can have a smooth journey from novice to expert. This book will sit by your loom as friend and mentor; it is destined to be a classic." --Bhakti Ziek, weaving teacher, artist, and writer​