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12.15.22 Stitched Whisk Brooms with Robert Sheckler

12.15.22 Stitched Whisk Brooms with Robert Sheckler

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Thursday, December 15th - 5:30pm to 8:00pm 

Learn to stitch on something other than fabric with Robert of Redmond Philbert Handwork.  In this class, we'll create stitched broomcorn whisks, plus 2 bonus pot scrubbers from the broomcorn ends!  Your stitched whisk is the perfect tool for keeping your craft room, sewing table, or workshop spic and span.  It's also a great gift for that person who has everything (except for a broom hand made by you)!  The pot scrubbers work well on cast iron and stainless steel pots and pans, and some folks like them for cleaning potatoes and carrots as well.

This class is a fantastic introduction to broommaking.  The skills taught are relatively easy to master, and they also set students up well for further broom making adventures.  If you would like to take the Big Brooms class in January, this is a good introduction to the techniques.  Tying a broom is a stress-reducing, full body practice.  You'll use both feet to hold tension and both hands to manipulate the cord and wrap the broom tightly.

All required tools and materials are provided.  Students who would like to further personalize their whisk brooms should bring about 10 yards of decorative yarn from their stash in one or several lengths.  It's always helpful to have more scissors available, so please feel free to bring a pair with you.