Schacht-Reeves SHOP MODEL

Schacht-Reeves SHOP MODEL

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We're selling our shop model as this wheel is no longer in production. Available only for pick up, not for shipping. 

A Saxony-style wheel that combines an enduring sense of history with state-of-the-art woodworking techniques. Designed in conjunction with Rick and Marge Reeves, the Schacht-Reeves wheel has carried on the tradition of their famous spinning wheels.  This wheel has some fast speeds - great for spinning long draw.

24″ drive wheel, single-treadle, ash wood, flyer on the left.  Can be set up in double drive, scotch tension, or Irish tension. Weight 28 pounds. Orifice Height: 26"

Included: three bobbins, medium (14.5:1 and 18:1) and fast whorls (20:1 and 24:1), Schacht-Reeves lazy Kate, Schacht-Reeves threading hook.