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A Saxony-style wheel that combines an enduring sense of history with state-of-the-art woodworking techniques. Designed in conjunction with Rick and Marge Reeves, the Schacht-Reeves wheel carries on the tradition of their famous spinning wheels.

Available with a 30″ drive wheel as a double- or single-treadle wheel, in ash or cherry. Order your wheel with flyer on the left or right.

Included with each wheel: three bobbins, medium (14.5:1 and 18:1) and fast whorls (20:1 and 24:1), Schacht-Reeves lazy Kate, Schacht-Reeves threading hook, and extra drive bands.


Single or Double Treadle, Scotch Tension / Double Drive / Irish Tension

Ash or Cherry wood

Flyer on left or right

Weight: 28 pounds

Orifice Height: 26"

Drive Wheel: 30"

Available Accessories:

Slow, high and super high speed whorls