PLY Magazine, Issue 37: Mix

PLY Magazine, Issue 37: Mix

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Summer 2022:  Mix

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you put woolen and worsted together in the same yarn/project? Want to explore how to tackle spinning those highly textured and super fun batts? Do you want to mix plant and animal fibers with ease? Are you interested in different ways to make your own batts, rolags, rologs, roving? We’ve got all this and more in the Summer issue of PLY Magazine.

Join us as we thoroughly explore the idea of Mix! We’ll talk about speckles and fades, tweeds and twist; we’ll tackle texture (blending and spinning) and mixing business and pleasure (starting your own fiber business). There’s thread-plying, differential shrinkage, Mawata, and a whole different way to approach fiber and breed blends. This issue is filled with spinning, blending, knitting, crochet, and weaving plus things you’ve never seen before.