PLY Magazine, Issue 18: Semi

PLY Magazine, Issue 18: Semi

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Autumn 2017: Semi

Semi semi semi! Yarns exist on a spectrum with the most intimidating (and sometimes unattainable) ones at each end – TRUE WOOLEN and TRUE WORSTED. Everything else is in between, and it’s this everything else that the Semi issue is focused on. It’s packed full of information, experimentation, and opinion but very few hard and fast rules (because there are very few of those in spinning).

  • What does it mean to draft against your prep and when and why would you want to do it?
  • How do you spin semi-woolen or a semi-worsted and what, if any, difference does it really make to the yarn.
  • Do semi-yarns wear and tear differently than their true spun sisters?
  • What about fiber type, does it influence where a yarn falls on the spectrum?
  • What are semi-yarns good for, better for, and best for?

Semi yarns are what most spinners spin most of the time, isn’t it time to really understand what semi- means! This issue will illuminate and inspire.