PLY Magazine, Issue 16: Down(-like)

PLY Magazine, Issue 16: Down(-like)

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Spring 2017: Down(-like)

Down and down-like breeds are a bit of a dirty word in the handspinning world, but we think it’s time to change that. This issue will convince handspinners everywhere that these sheep are for more than meat – they can make darn good yarn!

Don’t know what a Down is? Deb Robson will change that right away and then other fantastic spinners will tell you how Downs differ when it comes to spinning, processing, and dyeing

Wonder if there’s any difference between the 6 main down breeds? There is and this issue will talk about each one and what you might want to do with it. It’ll also tell you about down-like breeds and what to do with them.

Think Down and down-like breeds aren’t good for projects? Just wait, this issue has 3 projects (knit and crochet) you’ll want to work up right away!