PLY Magazine, Issue 11: Singles

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Winter 2015: Single

The Winter 2015 issue of PLY is about Singles yarns! Whether you love or hate these unplied strands, there’s a lot to say and learn about them. Ever wonder what the bias point of singles really is and how to avoid it? Elizabeth Watt’s article will blow your mind! What about how much protection are you really sacrificing if you choose not to ply? Grace Hopkins puts it to the test with the diary of a pair of socks. Beth Smith shares which fibers work best for singles yarns. Melissa Yoder Ricks talks about spinning long stripes and Katherine Johnson drops some knowledge about using singles in naalbinding, tatting, and tri-pin looming! If you’re a weaver, there’s plenty for you as Carol McFaddon talks about spinning singles for weaving and Deborah Behm explores tapestry weaving with singles. If you’re not a weaver yet, give it a try with a small beginner’s tapestry project. There are knitting project too, Carol Feller and Susanna IC both shine some singles yarn love on you with a hat and shawl combo and a gorgeous scarf, while Sylvia Becker gives us Good Girl Gone Bad with the collapse of an uptwisted singles yarn. Stephenie Gaustad teaches us how to tame the wild single by finishing different ways and Esther Rodgers, Amy King, and Arlene Thayer talk about whether you should tension set your yarns. Of course, there’s always more: Johanna Carter in Who’s that Spinner; an inspiring Saori spinning story; Carson Demers with body adjustments for spindle spinning; Franklin Habit’s Lazy Kate; and as usual, beautiful photography.