Scandinavian Reindeer: Neysa Russo Felted Tapestry Kit

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Needle felting is a simple technique that uses barbed needles and carded wool to decorate a felt surface with design. Simple design shapes and lots of colors combine to create a tapestry. Each will exhibit the unique and personal characteristics of the artist within you. Along the way, you will build your needling skills, gain design experience and experiment with color.

Each kit comes pre-sketched onto the wool canvas and ready to begin needling! To ensure your success the highest quality ingredients are included. The combination of board, needles and wool are ideally suited for tapestry needle felting.

Your finished design makes a lovely wall hanging, or if you prefer, it will make a beautiful purse or pillow. Each kit includes an instructional brochure, two layers of white pre-felt fabric, two needles, the fiber to complete the design, and a needling board. There is room for flexibility in design and color placement. Finished size is approximately 13×13 inches.

-Neysa Russo, The Felting Studio