7.9.22 Natural Dye Rainbow with Jackie Ottino Graf

7.9.22 Natural Dye Rainbow with Jackie Ottino Graf

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Saturday, July 9th from 10:00am-4:00pm

Textile artists have been creating color from the natural world for centuries.  From Indigo blues in Japan to Madder root red from Turkey, nature gives us all the colors of the rainbow, it just takes a little knowledge to coax them out.  Join us as we explore some local and not so local natural dyes to create a vibrant rainbow of colors.  We will use fresh and dried plant material, roots, insects, bark, nuts, sawdust....and learn the best ways of extracting color from each type of dyestuff. 

We will go over proper fiber preparation and mordanting techniques for both safety and vibrancy.  While natural dyes can be used on all types of fiber, we will be focusing on wool yarns in this workshop.  All materials included in fee, which include all dyes used in class, 15 mini skeins of merino wool yarn, and a thorough handout to take home.

Please bring:

  • a lunch
  • any note-taking materials you may wish
  • clothes you don't mind getting dirty
  • a plastic bag or container to bring home wet yarns
  • Dyeing has an element of waiting, so feel free to bring along some handwork, too! 

Cost is $158 and includes all materials.