Maine Speak Stitch Markers

Maine Speak Stitch Markers

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We're all right out straight these days and nothin's worse than losin' yuh place in yuh handwork.  With these cunnin' lil stitch markers, you'll stay wicked organized, Bub!  Custom made for PortFiber by Katrinkles.  

Each stitch marker has a Maine saying on one side and the outline of the state of Maine on the other... excepting for "hard tellin'...not knowin'" which couldn't fit on just one side.

Available individually or you'll get a card of all seven if you know what's good for ya! 

Maine Speak Translations by Casey:

Yessah! Ayuh!

Yes.  Affirmative.

“I love yuh sweatah!  Didja make it?”

Yessah! Ayuh!

From Away

Not from Maine.  Tourists.

“They-ah lotta folks from away at the fai-ah this yee-ah!”

[There are a lot of non-Mainers at the fair this year.]

Ain’t that cunnin’!

Isn’t that cute!  Not so much a question as it is a statement.

“I’ve been workin’ on this baby cahdigan...”

“Oh my gawd!  Ain’t that cunin’!”

Wicked good!

Wicked is an adverb used for emphasis - like really or very

“This pah-din’ is wicked good, Bub!”

[This pattern is really good.]

I’m tellin’ you! 

Used to indicate that what you are saying is true and also to express exasperation.

“My stash is outta control... I’m tellin’ you!”

Right Out Straight!

Wicked busy.

“I’ve got 7 different projects goin’! I’m right out straight!

Hard Tellin’ Not Knowin’

Well that’s just a true statement right theyah!