Louet S10 Concept, Irish Tension

Louet S10 Concept, Irish Tension

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Call ahead for lead times on shipping. This wheel is not currently in-stock and will be ordered upon request. Louet usually ships within a week if they have the wheel in-stock.

Design your own S10 concept Irish tension wheel!  Choose single or double-treadle base, the look of the main wheel: the classic S10 wheel with a hole, the three spoke wheel, or the new five spoke wheel.  Finally, choose your flyer, bobbins and other accessories. In all its versions, the S10 Concept can be easily disassembled and fit in its bag that you can order as an accessory.

Every Louët S10 wheel comes with 3 bobbins, a flyer, a lazy kate. With a small amount of assembly, you can be spinning in minutes. Another option is to go for a fully loaded S10 right from the start, get everything you may need right away! Shoot us an email or call if you're interested in the fully loaded option.