9.7.24 Long Draw Woolen Spinning with Melanie Duarte

9.7.24 Long Draw Woolen Spinning with Melanie Duarte

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Saturday, September 7th - 10:00am - 4:30pm

A next-steps class for folks who have taken the Spinning 101 course or for spinners interested in learning long draw techniques to create woolen spun yarns.  So many of us learn to spin using worsted spinning methods, resulting in worsted or semi-worsted yarns. Come dip your toes into the world of woolen spinning and learn the benefits of woolen yarns.

We'll start with drafting methods that are a small side step from worsted spinning and work our way towards spinning true long draw.  We will work with hand cards, blending boards, and drum carders to try out different fiber preparations and explore how those impact your yarns.

Students must have a basic understanding of how to spin yarn on a spinning wheel.

Please bring:

  • spinning wheel with 3 bobbins + lazy kate (or you may rent from the shop)
  • lunch and/or cash if you want to chip in on Otto Pizza

*if you have hand cards or a blending board, please bring those along

Cost is $205 and includes approximately $30 in materials.