Get a Grip Felting Needles

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Get a grip needles are color coded and dipped in a rubber base to give your fingers a little something more to hold onto.  Needles come as singles, doubles, or triples.  The more needles, the faster you felt with every poke.

Think of felting needle gauges like paint brushes.  You use a big paint brush to do the heavy lifting and a small brush for details.  Felting needles come in different sizes to do different jobs, too.  Here is a quick guide to the Get a Grip color coding:

Pink - 32 gauge, extra coarse, triangle shaped needle.  Great for children as it is super sturdy and good for general shaping

Purple - 36 gauge, coarse, triangle shaped needle.  General shaping for wool and coarse fibers.

Red - 38 gauge, triangle shaped needle.  Medium gauge, all purpose, good for most animal fibers

Orange - 40 gauge, triangle shaped needle. Medium/fine for sculpting.

Yellow - 42 gauge, triangle shaped needle.  Extra Fine for smooth finishing.

Green - spiral shaft, great for all fibers + efficiency 

Blue - star point - fine needle great for details

White - reverse needle - pulls fiber out to create tufts/texture