Fern Gully Southdown/Shetland/Silk

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Fern Gully was one of my favorite movies growing up.  Along the same lines as Captain Planet, it stressed the importance of taking care of the earth and its inhabitants.  And it showed disastrous effects of clear cutting the rain forest.  Also, Robin Williams as the voice of Batty was A+. 

*Please note that these are hand-dyed in small batches and colors may vary slightly from braid to braid.

This is a PortFiber exclusive - a special top blend of our own making!  60% British Southdown, 20% British Shetland, and 20% tussah silk makes for a great spin for socks, mittens, hats, and everyday sweaters.  Southdown is the breed from which all other down breeds were developed.  It brings softness and bounce to this blend. The natural brown Shetland adds a variegated look.  Neither of these wools has a ton of luster, which is where the silk comes in!  Expect a staple length of 2-4 inches and a micron count between 28 and 31.  This fiber is not ideal for wet felting.