Ashford Traditional, Single Drive

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Call ahead for lead times on shipping. This wheel is not currently in-stock and will be ordered upon request.

A Saxony-style wheel crafted from New Zealand Silver Beech, the Traditional features a single treadle, a 22" wheel with ball bearings for a smooth and quiet spinning experience, and a 4-speed whorl with 7, 9, 12, and 17:1 flyer ratios.

Included with the wheel are 4 bobbins which will hold 3-4oz (100g), a stand alone lazy Kate, and a threading hook.

The wheel arrives packed flat and requires assembly.  If you'd like the wheel assembled for you, please call and let us know.

Other Specs:

Single Treadle, Single Drive, Scotch Tension

Weight: 17.5 pounds (8 kg)

Wheel Diameter: 22" (56cm)

Orifice Diameter: 3/8" (1cm)

Orifice Height: 27.25" (69cm)

Additional Available Accessories:

Double Treadle Kit

Sliding Hook Jumbo Flyer

Quill Spindle

Tensioned Lazy Kate (freestanding)