11.17.22 Broom Making with Robert Sheckler

11.17.22 Broom Making with Robert Sheckler

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Thursday, November 17th - 5:15pm to 8:15pm

Learn to make a fiber-forward whisk broom with Robert of Redmond Philbert Handwork!  In this class, you'll work with tampico agave fiber and linen weaving yarn to create a beautiful and functional hand broom to display and use.  Once the broom is tied, you'll embellish the handle with yarn of your choice: bring some from home or purchase one of the gorgeous skeins in stock at PortFiber.  Feeling generous?  You're welcome to bring more yarn from your stash to share with your classmates. 
Aside from the decorative yarn, all class tools and materials will be provided, and no experience is needed.  Tying a broom is a stress-reducing, full body practice.  You'll use both feet to hold tension and both hands to manipulate the yarn and wrap the broom tightly.  You'll leave class with a fabulous fiber broom and the basic skills needed to explore different styles in the future.

Robert is an enthusiastic learner, teacher, and crafter living and working in the Portland area.  He started Redmond Philbert Handwork this year primarily to support his need to make new brooms daily.  Beyond the visceral joy of broom-making, Robert is interested in elevating natural materials over synthetic alternatives and loves to incorporate color into his work, making an everyday object and an everyday activity feel special, vibrant, and even fun.