A Sacred Shift: A Book About Personal Practice by Marlee Grace

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A Sacred Shift is a book that documents a year of dancing every day on Instagram.  Started by Marlee Grace under the handle @personalpractice, it caught the attention of many an Instagramer, including myself [hi... it's me Casey... writing this lil' diddy].  Marlee's dancing inspired me and made my heart happy.  It was a catalyst to occasionally dance on IG myself. 

In this book she documents and reflects upon her experience of doing a thing every day.  A practice of showing up.  And the feelings that happen when you do this sort of thing.  And you do it publicly.  Also there is much ado about Justin Bieber.  Obvs.

I highly encourage you to go check out @personalpractice

And if you're already familiar with the project and if Marlee's movements make your heart do things, you should buy this book.