6.9.24 Dye Plant Pop-Up & Sunday Crafternoon!

6.9.24 Dye Plant Pop-Up & Sunday Crafternoon!

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Sunday, June 9th - 12:00pm to 4:00pm


Grab your project bag and come hang out for a Sunday of crafting amongst a dye plant pop-up with Eileen from Junction Garden.  

Eileen will bring a selection of her natural dye plants. If you want to grow your own color, stop by, and see what is available for purchase. Eileen loves to talk about growing plants, raising sheep, and natural dyeing. While the plant inventory shifts a bit from week to week, this year she’s growing Japanese Indigo, Madder, Weld, Jet Black Hollyhock, Cosmos, Dyers Coreopsis, Dyers Chamomile, Black Magic Bachelor Buttons, Hopi Black Sunflowers, Safflower, Black Knight Scabiosa, Rudbeckia, Sandock, Greenthread, Eucalyptus and a wide variety of Marigolds.

Nestled in the countryside of Vassalboro, Maine, Junction Garden is a vibrant market garden, offering a fusion of natural dye plants, blossoming flowers, and an array of produce. With a focus on sustainability and community enrichment, this family-owned farm, stewarded by John and Eileen since 2018, spans across 70 acres adorned with a charming farmhouse and barn dating back to the 1870s.

Eileen's dedication to growing a diverse array of plants, from dye plants to flowers, vegetables, and herbs, speaks volumes about her passion for nurturing biodiversity and sustainability. By selling her seedlings at multiple farmers' markets and pop-up events, she's not only sharing her love for gardening but also empowering others to create their own beautiful gardens at home.