6.25.22 So Much Fleece! with Mel Duarte

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Saturday, June 25th - 10:00am to 2:30pm

Ever wander a fleece tent at a local wool festival and feel the draw to snag a whole fleece for your very own?  There is such variety - color, crimp, fineness, length!  And if you like working with a larger amount of fiber for sweater spinning or larger felting projects, a fleece can be a great investment!

Melanie Duarte will walk you through the steps of choosing a fleece (what to look for and consider), how to wash the fleece, and the various ways you might process the washed fleece to spin for yarn or felt with.  Though the class is focused on washing and processing, we will have time to work with our samples, too.

Cost is $120 and includes $50 in materials (8 ounces of washed Maine fleece, 4 ounces of unwashed Maine fleece, and one 4 ounce bottle of Power Scour).

To Bring Along:

- cash for slices - we will order Otto Pizza for lunch.  Please bring some cash for slices or a lunch if pizza isn't your thang.

- a notebook if you're a note-taker.  

- your spinning wheel, drop spindle, or felting supplies.  

- fiber processing tools if you have them (hand cards, drum carders, blending boards, hand-combs) otherwise they will be provided.