5.14.23 Hawktail Hearth Brooms with Robert Sheckler

5.14.23 Hawktail Hearth Brooms with Robert Sheckler

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Sunday, May 14th - 10:00am to 3:00pm

Confident Beginner: No previous experience is required.  The skills taught in this class are more advanced than those taught in the Beginner level classes.

Learn to tie and stitch your own broomcorn hearth broom or compact sweeper!  These brooms are tied on 14" sticks and end up being about 27" long.  They are a great size for hearth or fireplace and fall into a nice middle ground between whisk brooms and full-sized sweepers.  This would be a good compact broom for your porch, mudroom, RV, or even a small camp.  

The hawktail style is unique in that it creates a beautiful stepped pyramid from the tying cord, which is very striking against the broomcorn.  You'll choose your own mix of all natural or dyed broomcorn, cord for tying, and cord for stitching, allowing you to create a totally unique, bespoke broom.  In this class, you'll learn tying skills that will allow you to create hawktail-style whisk brooms or full-sized sweepers, and you'll also learn how to clamp and stitch a broom flat.  All class tools and materials are provided.  Tying a broom is a stress-reducing, full body practice.  You'll use both feet to hold tension and both hands to manipulate the cord and wrap the broom tightly.  You'll leave class with a fabulous hearth broom and the basic skills needed to explore different styles in the future.

Please Bring:
  • sharp scissors
  • a lunch, we will take a 30 minute break


Robert is an enthusiastic learner, teacher, and crafter living and working in the Portland area.  He started Redmond Philbert Handwork in 2022, primarily to support his need to make new brooms daily.  Beyond the visceral joy of broom-making, Robert is interested in elevating natural materials over synthetic alternatives and loves to incorporate color into his work, making an everyday object and an everyday activity feel special, vibrant, and even fun.

Class Cancelation Policy:

If you cancel more than 30 days before the beginning of your class, we will offer you store credit in the amount of your class.  Cancelation with 30 days or less notice will result in the forfeiture of your entire course fee.  However, if we are able to fill your spot, we will offer store credit in the amount of the class.

If we cancel a class, you can choose to receive a full refund or store credit.