12.10.22 Trunk Show with Seacolors Yarnery & Ray Cooper

12.10.22 Trunk Show with Seacolors Yarnery & Ray Cooper

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Saturday, December 10th - 11:00am - 4:30pm

Welcoming Nanne Kennedy of Seacolors Yarnery.  She'll be drag out huge inventory to delight your senses.  Soft and squishy, in a palette of solar dyed colors set by seawater and sweat.  You’ve seen it in books, you’ve seen it in magazines, you’ve seen it on TV!…  Now you can see, feel, LOVE in person.  Free patterns with purchase.  Bringing ROVING too!

Polwarth, is an Australian fine wool breed developed in the 1880’s, that grows twice as much wool as other fine wool breeds, but there were none to be found in the US or even the North or South Americas.  Seacolors Yarnery at Meadowcroft Farm has been raising them “by recipe” since 1991 as a hybrid of Merino and leisters.  In 2017 Meadowcroft imported frozen semen and began the arduous task of developing a better wool breed to fit our American biomes and growing passion for wool as a solution to combatting plastics, shifting climate concerns, delighting our senses, and hoping like hell to increase awareness by actually doing something.  These guys and gals are grass-fed, increasing the soil capacity to sequester carbon and supporting retired dairies by purchasing wither forage.

Raising sheep in many natural colors provides the blends that become Small Batch Yarns, One of a Kind Sweaters, Limited Edition Blankets, and yes… now roving for your spinning pleasure.  

Ray Cooper is a weaver, spinner, knitter and dyer from Buxton.  He also dabbles in woodworking and metals and makes the wood and metal buttons we sell here at the shop.  Ray’s wares includes soft, warm scarves and sturdy rugs, which he will be showing at the trunk show.  Ray hopes to create colorful and unique work that brightens your day.