3.19.23 BIG BROOMS with Robert Sheckler

3.19.23 BIG BROOMS with Robert Sheckler

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Sunday, March 12th - 10:00am to 2:00pm 

AND Sunday, March 19th - 10:00am to 2:00

Learn to make a full-sized sweeper with Robert of Redmond Philbert Handwork.  In this class, we'll create fully functional--and beautifully decorative--traditional corn brooms.  Students will choose their own broomstick, natural or dyed broomcorn, and colorful cord for stitching and weaving.  Each broom will be a totally unique piece of art--and a fantastic cleaning tool to boot!

All tools and materials are provided, and the class is geared toward confident beginners.  Students who have taken another broom making class previously will find learning the advanced skills needed to tie a full-sized broom easier.  Tying a broom is a stress-reducing, full body practice.  You'll use both feet to hold tension and both hands to manipulate the cord and wrap the broom tightly.

In the first session of the class, students will learn basic tying skills by making a simple round whisk before applying those new skills to tying their full-sized brooms on their broomsticks.  The large brooms will be put aside to dry until the next session, and students will learn to stitch a broom by practicing on their round whisks. 

In the second session of the class, we'll stitch our big brooms and then learn to weave the decorative cap with basket reed.  Finally, the brooms will all be trimmed and finished.  You'll leave class with a stitched whisk, a full-sized sweeper, and the skills needed to make many more brooms in the future!

Cost is $155 and includes all materials.