PLY Magazine, Issue 30: The Basics

PLY Magazine, Issue 30: The Basics

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Autumn 2020: The Basics

  • Do you ever feel like you don’t know all the little things in spinning that you should  know?
  • Have you ever been trying to join a new piece of fiber and instead you get a bump, wisp, or fiber that drifts apart?
  • Ever been plying and have a strand of your 2-, 3-, 4-, cable-, or chainply break?

The Basics issue can help with that and so much more. It’s anything but basic! Since all of us learn about spinning in vastly different ways, in various places, and at different times, we’ve all got knowledge gaps. This issue strives to rectify that, informing newer spinners while exciting those who have been adding twist to fiber for some time – from what you should have in your spinning toolkit to why staple length matters to different types of joins to what to do if a strand breaks while plying (2-ply, cables, chain plied, etc). We cover balance and measuring your yarns as well as color, treadling, and the difference between woolen and worsted. Plus, there are some fantastic projects you’ll want to knit over and over, in all the yarn sizes! This is an issue to keep and refer back to again and again.