Call Your Girlfriend Polwarth/Silk

Call Your Girlfriend Polwarth/Silk

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Call your girlfriend.  This is a song by Robyn, but also one of my favorite podcasts.  It's hosted by "two long-distance besties" and they talk about pop culture, politics, life.  Now when one of my besties and I chat, if either of us have to leave a message we say, "Just callin' my girlfriend."  Gotta stay in touch with the ones we love!

*Please note that as these fibers are hand-dyed, colors may vary slightly from batch to batch. 

An 85/15 blend of Polwarth wool and silk.

Named for a county in southwestern Australia, the Polwarth breed was developed by crossing Merino rams with Merino/Lincoln ewes. This is a fine-wool with a micron count between 23-25 and a staple length of 4-6 inches. This isn't necessarily a "beginner" fiber for spinning; however, it is a great introduction to fine wools as it has a generous staple length. Silk adds a bit of shine and strength.  Given the fineness of the wool, this would wet felt well, too.