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2.22.20 Seamless Felted Vessels with Eva Camacho

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Saturday - Sunday, February 22nd & 23rd - 9:00am-5:00pm

Learn how to create a three-dimensional piece of felt such as a vessel or similar structure. You will learn the basic techniques of wet felting over a resist to create a seamless shape. During the first day you will learn how to make two different vessels using the same resist. During the second day, you will design your own resist to create a new form/shape. After the felt is done, you will learn other techniques such as stitching and/or beading to add embellishments to your vessels.  

Materials Fee:
$20 to pay to the instructor. This fee will include: block of olive oil soap, bubble wrap, resist material, small noodle, specific fibers to add to your vessels
Instructor will also provide small containers, polyester screen and corrugated material. These materials are to be returned to the instructor at the end of the workshop. 

Students must bring:
1 cookie sheet
3 towels
4-6 oz of merino wool roving

5-6 tights or nylon panty hose
sharp scissors or embroidery scissors
paper scissors
silk or sheer fabric (optional)
fibers such as silk, bamboo, tencel, yarn (optional)
sewing needle
glass beads (optional)
notebook, pencil and/or pen
colored pencils

Please bring a lunch as well.  We will take a break mid-day.