12.14.19 Plaited Birch Bark Baskets with Zack Rouda

12.14.19 Plaited Birch Bark Baskets with Zack Rouda

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Saturday, December 14th - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Basketry is older than the written record: a truly ancient, global human skill. Around the world, various materials and styles of weaving, sewing, twining, and coiling have allowed for the creation of vessels, trays, plates, hats, shoes, clothing, and more. Weaving is an instinctive act; we all know how to do it - we just need to remember.

The bark of the paper or white birch tree may be used to make strong and beautiful baskets, hats, sheaths, buckets, and more. Learn to identify, gather, process and weave with this remarkable, strong, natural material. We'll practice straight and diagonal plaiting to make a small basket for the kitchen or garden.

Cost is $45 and includes all materials.

Zack Rouda is the director of Rewild Maine, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to deepen the connection between people and Earth through land stewardship, education and community. Rewild Maine organizes a series of education programs focused on small-scale place-based human skills and long-term regenerative foraging.