1.28.23 Intro to Modern Tapestry with Bobbie Tilkens-Fisher

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Saturday, January 28th - 10:00am to 2:00pm

Tapestry weaving is not a new craft form by any means, but the endless variations one can employ while weaving can lead to exciting, modern takes on this traditional craft!  In this class we will be making small wall hangings.

Students will learn (or review) the basics: fiber + yarn types and attributes, assembling a loom, warping, stitches and knots, shapes, space and finishing techniques. 

Students of all levels are welcome.

Cost is $200 and includes all of the materials to make your wall hanging + a small loom:

You may choose to upgrade your loom to a larger frame; however, we'll all be setting the looms up to the same weaving width.  This optional upgrade is for folks who know they'll want to create larger weavings in the future.  You can always weave a smaller piece on a larger loom.

Upgrade Options:

Please bring: scissors, pen and paper, a tote bag, and maybe a snack!  If you wish to bring your own yarn, please only bring bulky or super bulky yarns, roving, or fabric ribbons – these weave up more quickly.

About Bobbie:

I found my voice as a weaver by only engaging in/with those techniques and fibers that I found pleasurable.  And by manipulating or plain out ignoring some of the traditions of tapestry weaving, I have arrived at a style that is all my own – sculptural, vivid and flowing.
I work primarily in merino wool roving – it is soft, fluffy and a pleasure to hold.  It can be finicky, so you have to be delicate with it.  I’m drawn to saturated color and can find inspiration in almost anything.  In fact, I often don’t realize how something has amused me until after I finish a weaving and stand back to look at it.  Intuition is my guiding practice – I rarely have a clear vision of what I am going to create.
Today, I have dedicated my career to weaving and teaching others my craft.  I have studios in Philadelphia and Thomaston, Maine. You can learn more about At Home Modern Weaving Studio at: