Join in a crochet-(or-knit)-along (CORKAL) that lasts the whole year!  Stick with it and you'll have a beautiful blanket that visually represents a year's worth of temperatures.

This is a project for the data nerds out there!  The blanket is worked in stripes, one row of single crochet for each day in a color that represents that day's temperature.  For my 2019 blanket, each color represented 10 degrees Fahrenheit and I recorded the noontime temp.  Baku Black (0-9), Bonnie Blue Gap (10-19), Patience Blue (20-29), Kalinka Malinka (30-39), Father's Grey (40-49), Grass Roots (50-59), Morning Dove (60-69), Palomino (70-79), Glastnost Gold (80-89), Sahkalin Salmon (90-99).


  • Using an H hook, chain 260 + 1 turning chain in your Day 1 Peace Fleece worsted color
  • Single crochet into each chain with your Day 2 color (spit splice if you have to change colors)
  • Continue for a year!
  • This will make a blanket approximately 6.5' x 7.5'


  • Peace Fleece Worsted Weight Yarn in ~10 colors of your choosing.  You will need a total of around 32 skeins (about 8 per quarter). 
  • An H hook or hook to get the gauge you like
  • Or if you're going to knit, you bettah swatch!  

A helpful website to check past temperatures in your area is  Here is a link to past weather for Portland, Maine as an example.  You can also adjust and have a different color for every 5 degrees if you live in a place with less extremes! 

LOCAL FOLKS, you can order online and choose in-store pick up at checkout to avoid shipping fees.


  • I based my blanket on wherever I was, not on my hometown.  In the photo, you can see warmer stretches surrounded by cooler colors.  That's because I travelled to San Francisco, Florida, and Mexico!  In this way, your blanket can be a snapshot of your own experience of the world.
  • You don't have to make a blanket.  Or use crochet. But you'll have to swatch and do some math if you want to switch things up.  I believe in you.
  • If you're on Ravelry, share your progress and chat with others in our group thread.
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