Cozy Cashgora & Coffee Club

Cozy Cashgora & Coffee Club

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Bringing rad things together for you to enjoy!

I'm a fan of nice things.  I mean, who isn't?  This cashgora yarn is so lovely, I was excited by the idea of pairing it with some of my favorite nice things -- mainly coffee things and make-y things. 

The Cozy Cashgora & Coffee Club features the following radness:

  • Three 50g skeins of cashgora in a blue gradient
  • A copy of Making - No. 3 / DOTS
  • A handmade mug by Maine College of Art graduate Dominique Ostuni
  • A bag of Tandem Coffee - West End Blues

All of these items are incredible on their own, but together, they are the epitome of coziness.  And I feel a connection to all of them: 

Tandem is my go-to neighborhood coffee shop.  I should make more of my own coffee, but find myself wandering down to their East Bayside location on the regs.  The owners, Will & Kathleen, are wonderful humans and the people who work with them are kind and lovely. 

I met Dominique last fall in an Intro to Textiles course that I was teaching up at Maine College of Art.  She often brought a mug o' coffee to class and they were such special pieces that I bought one for home and one for work.  I wanted more, but couldn't really justify it.  But I could justify buying them for the shop! 

Making is a fairly new publication, edited by Maine knitwear designer Carrie Bostick Hoge.  Carrie is a baller and Lily, who works with her, crushes it on the customer service end of the biz.  They moved their operations to the back room in my shop and it's been great to have some other humans in the space to chat with and talk fiber.

And the cashgora... well, it's such a special project that I am truly honored to be a part of.  And the yarn is just... so... NICE! 

The gradient of blue yarn will work beautifully for the Indigo Sea Shawl, designed by Carrie, which is featured in this latest issue of Making.  I made one for myself and the simple garter stitch construction makes for a pleasant knit.  So sit back and make something cozy while you sip some delicious coffee from an artfully made cup.  And know you are supporting some amazing humans.