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Blackberry Falkland

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Shopping around the Portland Farmer's Market one summer morning, I spotted one lonely pint of wild, Maine blackberries. All of its friends had already been purchased. Om nom nom!

*Please note that these are hand-dyed in small batches and colors may vary slightly from braid to braid.

Interestingly, Falkland is not a breed of sheep, but rather, it refers to sheep that are raised on the Falkland Islands off the coast of Argentina.  The islands are home to a significant amount of Polwarth sheep, which are a cross between Merino and Lincoln. There is also a strong history of Romney as well as Corriedale, a cross between Lincolns and Leicesters.  This top has a staple length of 3-4 inches.  Its is medium/soft and is great for hard-wearing garments like socks.