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50 Cove St
Portland, ME, 04101
United States

(207) 780-1345

Located in the East Bayside area of Portland, Maine, we strive to provide an encouraging community for fellow fiber-lovers by offering classes and carrying supplies for weavers, spinners, wet felters, needle felters, and dyers.  Stop in and let us help you on your merry fiber way!  

Eco Printing with Amelia Poole

Classes & Events

Classes, instruction, and events in weaving, felting, dyeing, and spinning.

Eco Printing with Amelia Poole

Here in New England, we are surrounded by nature and wrapped in textiles.  Why not combine the two?  Eco-printed cloth is created by layering prepared silk, linen, and other materials with local plants and flowers.  The cloth and leaves are bundled together, tightly bound, and steamed.  This process creates a permanent transfer of pigment from the leaves to the cloth.  No external dyes, inks, or paints are used in eco-printing.  All color and patterns come from the plants themselves!  Release extraordinary secrets from local plants we see every day and often take for granted. 

Students will work with 1/4 yard pieces of 4 types of silk, cotton, silk/linen blend and a silk scarf in addition to a variety of art papers. All materials have been pre-mordanted.  The class also includes a packet of all information discussed during class and lots of additional information.  

Please bring with you:  

A pair of scissors + two gallon-sized ziplock bags containing a variety of leaves or plants from your yard, garden, or along the roadsides.  Please store the leaves in the refrigerator if you are not collecting the morning of the workshop.

Please bring your lunch, too.  We will take a 30 minute break for lunch.

Cost is $120, plus a $40 materials fee to be paid directly to Amelia.

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