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50 Cove St
Portland, ME, 04101
United States

(207) 780-1345

Located in the East Bayside area of Portland, Maine, we strive to provide an encouraging community for fellow fiber-lovers by offering classes and carrying supplies for weavers, spinners, wet felters, needle felters, and dyers.  Stop in and let us help you on your merry fiber way!  

All the Single Yarns with Amy King

Classes & Events

Classes, instruction, and events in weaving, felting, dyeing, and spinning.

All the Single Yarns with Amy King

Anyone that knows me, knows I love my singles yarns. Thin, energized, worsted, bulky, fancy, even, thick/thin....all of them. If you like them too and want to make better singles that are not meant for plying then this is the class. I'll go over how to make the singles, how to tell if you're going about it right, how to perfect them and how to finish them off. This is a fun class and some things may be more surprising if you've never made singles yarns. At the end of class if time allows, we'll go over how to use the singles in garments to get predictable results.

Please bring a wheel in good working order with 3 or more bobbins. If you have a wheel that has extra whorls, bring them. It's also helpful to have a Niddy Noddy and a Lazy Kate. You must have a good working knowledge of the wheel and be comfortable with basic spinning instructions. This is an intermediate class.

Cost is $70.  Please bring an additional $24 to be paid directly to Amy for materials.

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